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Braid Fishing Line Dyneema & Spectra Fishing Braid Line
Independently Tested

Independently Tested

Viper Braid Fishing Line has been independently tested in Australia.

Check out the test results here
Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

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Viper Fishing Tackle is a specialist online retail store and one of our specialities is sourcing high quality, good value braid fishing lines. Viper Fishing Tackle offers both Dyneema and Spectra fishing line braids - braided fishing line made from 100% polyethelene that is super strong for its ultra thin diameter.

Viper PE-ULTRA Dyneema Braid Line and Viper SP-XTRA Spectra fishing line braid comes in a range of breaking strains - from 8lb to 80lb for our Dyneema range and from 30lb to 60lb for SP-XTRA. Our range of colours include lo-viz blue, green and grey, hi-viz red and fluoro yellow, and a specialist multi-colour braid which is ideal for jigging.

And check out our lengths! From 150yds in our Woodstock range to a might 1000m (yes metres!) in Viper Fishing Tackle's Dyneema PE-ULTRA.

You will have the confidence in knowing that Viper Dyneema PE-ULTRA and Viper Spectra SP-XTRA have been independently tested to ensure they meet our quality standards. Check out our range now!

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